Weekly Wrap Up and New Goals for Thanksgiving Week!

Well hello there!

This week has most definitely been an adventurous one, to say the least.  I started out with one set of goals, and, well…let’s just get to that right away:

Last Week’s Goals:

1. Finish Andrea’s Quilt – I pieced the back, but didn’t get any further than that.

2. Bind placemats for Women’s Christmas Dinner – JUST finished them on 11/23/14 at 11:30pm (still counts!)

3. Quilt the quilt for Women’s Christmas Dinner – Haven’t touched it

4. Finish sewing some boxy bags for a friend – Have not finished this either

5. Two sew together bags for gifts – Cut pieces out for one and still contemplating colors for the other

NOW – Here’s what I ADDED!

1a. Quilt 2 quilts for 2 people for Christmas – 1 done

2a. Let’s just go start a tote swap – DONE!

Truly, the tote swap was a brain child between Hannah over at The Craft Laboratory and I on Monday of last week.  We were anticipating maybe 50 people.  Well, the response was CRAZY amazing!  Definitely beyond our hopes or expectations!  You can go search #IGToteSwap on Instagram to check it out!  To date, we have 78 people in the swap, a total of 5 mama’s (Hannah and I have our big groups and then we have three gracious mama’s that agreed to take on a group of 10 participants), and I have 3 people on a wait list!

And we limited it to only the United States!  This doesn’t mean we don’t love our quilty, tote-loving friends in other countries.  We honestly just didn’t know how well received this swap would be, so we tried to keep it kind of contained.  I can promise you that we are already talking about the next swap, and we will definitely be including international entries!!  How exciting, right?!?

But for the time being, we are going to focus on one thing at a time.  I still have a ton of Christmas sewing to get done for friends and family and Christmas swaps that I’m in the heat of as well, so, without further delay, here’s what’s going on for my goals this week:

New Goals for Thanksgiving Week

1. Finish Andrea’s Quilt (no, seriously though…)

2. Quilt the quilt for Women’s Christmas Dinner

3. Finish sewing some boxy bags for a friend

4. Two Sew Together Bags for gifts

5. Quilt 1 quilt for 2 people for Christmas, and bind 2 quilts for 2 people for Christmas

6. Sewing day with Hannah from The Craft Laboratory at Must Love Fabric on Black Friday!!!

7. Get Flossy’s Group swap box completed.

Yup!  You heard that right!!  While we may Black Friday shop a little, it is going to be in the afternoon when most of the crazy people have collapsed from sheer shopping exhaustion.  I definitely want to go to Joann’s and Michael’s and maybe Hobby Lobby to get some stuff for the swap partners I am sending to in a week.

While I do work the day job Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, my evening plans (Women’s Bible Study, Choir and Small Group) are all not happening this week, so hopefully I’ll be able to catch up and knock a few more things off this list – or – maybe – GASP!!!!  Maybe I will even clear the whole lot!

Wish me luck, and happy Thanksgiving my friends!


3 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap Up and New Goals for Thanksgiving Week!

  1. I appreciate your work with the #IFToteSwap. I’m having fun and can’t wait to get started. Sounds to me like your week/month planned. Enjoy Thanksgiving day! You have a LOT to be thankful for.


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