Thanksgiving Week Goal Wrap Up and New Goals! (because we can never have too many of those!)

Okay, so maybe we can be a bit too ambitious…or maybe that’s just me.  I would like to think of myself as Super Woman, but God often shows me that I’m really…really NOT her.  🙂

So here were last week’s goals – and anything added along the way:

Thanksgiving Goal Wrap Up

1. Finish Andrea’s Quilt (no, seriously though…) – Oh it makes me sad to say I didn’t finish this one.

2. Quilt the quilt for Women’s Christmas Dinner – Quilted!  Just have to bind by…oh, TUESDAY!  No big deal or anything.

3. Finish sewing some boxy bags for a friend – FINISHED!!  Even more exciting news coming up about this in a future post!

4. Two Sew Together Bags for gifts – Mission NOT accomplished

5. Quilt 1 quilt for 2 people for Christmas, and bind 2 quilts for 2 people for Christmas – QUILTED!!!  Just not bound.

6. Sewing day with Hannah from The Craft Laboratory at Must Love Fabric on Black Friday!!! – Done and Done!  It was a weird day, and not because she made it a weird day – just emotionally I was in a weird place.  I always love spending time with my #IGToteSwap co-hostess outside of our day job. (Did you know we work together in, like, the real world?  We TOTALLY do!  And we work just as well there as we do on sewing stuff!)

7. Get Flossy’s Group swap box completed. – Not quite done…..


1. Learn to make Christmas stockings

2. Finish off Christmas stocking swap for partner to mail out by December 8th.

3. Make 2 boxy pouches for a friend’s kiddo’s for Christmas

I have to say that I feel like I accomplished a lot this week, even though I didn’t get everything squished in.  There are times where I feel like I allow my emotional state to block my creativity, and over-thinking is definitely a hurdle that I have to leap over, but I am thankful for shorter projects – like Christmas stockings.

I have honestly wanted to do Christmas stockings for a while, but I had not found a suitable pattern.  There are LOTS of great patterns out there, don’t get me wrong, but I have a very particular idea of what I think a stocking should look like.

  • First, the size.  I don’t know what elf at the North Pole is designing stockings lately, but they are all freakin HUGE!!  I have talked to so many parents that have said they are tired of having to buy a ton of candy and little toys and trinkets that will literally be thrown away within a day or a week.  It can’t be giant.
  • Second is shape.  I like a curvy stocking.  I don’t like the bent windsock looking stockings.  They should hold their shape in a nice shapely form.

So where did I find this miraculous pattern?  It came from a cheap felt stocking.  🙂  I will post a few pictures this week, but I am so beyond thrilled with the outcome!  If you are on Instagram, come find me as M3_Quilts and you can see my HEXIE stocking!!!  Yeah, it’s as awesome as it sounds!

New Goals!

I think I want to keep this week a bit on the simpler side given that I have a lot going on at church on Tuesday.

1. Bind Women’s Christmas Dinner quilt

2. Plan out and execute table decor for Women’s Christmas Dinner

3. Finish Andrea’s quilt.

4. Make some totes for Christmas gifts

5. And other Christmas gift oriented stuff and things (that’s really technical lingo you are getting right there folks)

So that’s it!  Be on the look out for a post from me later this week possibly about something pretty exciting that I am blessed to have been involved in!

Much love and happy crafting!


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