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As of 11.21.14 – 9 pm CST, we have 76 swappers!!!!  Hannah and I are completely overwhelmed and excited  with the response we have received from this swap and are so excited to watch your progress!!!   As such, we have shut down responses and will now start working on getting groups together and partnering you!

Thank you one and all for making the response amazing!  This will definitely be something we do again next year – and we will even open it up to our international friends!

Hello there friends!  So my friend Hannah over at The Craft Laboratory and I have cooked up a swap!  I know there are TONS of swaps going on right now. The holidays ALWAYS bring out the best in us sewists and quilters!  Because of this, we are going to have the send date next year!  February 1st, 2015 to be exact!  This will give you the opportunity to stalk follow your person through the holiday season and see what REALLY makes them tick!

So here’s what the swap entails:

1. We are making tote bags!  You are welcome to make them as simple or complex as you would like.  Pockets or no pockets, zippers or no zippers, we will leave that totally up to you!

2. Your tote must measure no less than 12″ tall x 12″ wide x 2″ deep

3. ONLY quilt shop quality material please!

4. We highly encourage ALL levels of quilters and sewists!  Are you scared of sending your creations to someone because they won’t measure up?  Please don’t worry about it!  Just put your heart into what you make, and I know that your swap partner will LOVE it!

5. Since there are only two of us running this swap, we are currently limiting this swap to the first 50 people that fills out the form below.  If we have any swap mama’s or papa’s that want to jump in and help us with a group, we will definitely consider opening this up to more people!

6. Extra treats/items added to your package is not required, but not discouraged.

7. This is NOT a swap specific to any holiday/season!

8. This will be a BLIND swap!  You will know your partner, but your partner will not know who you are, so feel free to post full pictures and/or sneak peeks!

9. Since this is our first swap, we are going to limit this to IG users only, and only to those that are in the United States!  We LOVE our over-seas friends, but we will include you guys in on the next round if this one proves to be a smashing success.

10. We will keep this open until November 26th and partner information will be sent out by November 30th!  Send deadline will be February 1st, 2015.  You are welcome to send it as early as January 26th, 2015, but please no earlier!  If you need to send earlier, please contact either Hannah or I first!

Well, that’s it, I think!  We will both be posting on our blogs and IG’s to encourage and root for everyone!  Please use the hashtag #IGToteSwap when you are posting about your progress so everyone can follow you!

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Happy Crafting!