Welcome to my corner of the interwebs!  My name is Brandy and  I am the woman behind the machine.

I am a 30-something single mom to an incredible young man and a rather spoiled, old man looking peagle.  I work full time in non-creative pursuits during the day, and sew and craft and create in the evenings and on the weekends.  I very much do my best to look at the world in ways that aren’t conventional, and I am successful at it on occasion.

I have been sewing since January, 2012.  It was something I picked up to keep my hands busy after I quit smoking.  I never dreamed it would turn into something that I couldn’t live without!  And the people I have met – both in person and online – I wouldn’t trade them for anything and I am so thankful that I pursued this path.

I am so glad you stopped by!


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