Turning the Page

Okay, so not many know this, but I have always dreamed of designing my own clothes. I was an avid sketcher as early as I can remember, but I never pursued garment making outside of making a few maxi skirts when I was in high school. 

I had a very sweet friend ask me to teach her to sew. Well, I thought to myself, I can totally do that! Then I asked her what she wanted to learn. She responded that she wanted to learn to make simple clothes for her little girl and eventually for herself as well. 

Well that’s a different story. 

Her answer reignited my desire to make clothes, so I went to Etsy and found a very cute but simple looking dress for little girls. It’s called the Little Ellie Dress by Peach Patterns

Given that I have never made a garment for anyone else ever in my life (sorry Barbi, your tissue and tape dresses don’t count!), I asked my bff what size her daughter wears. Size 8, and that’s the largest this pattern goes up to, so we are in business! I chose a bright quilting cotton batik….because what else does a quilter have readily on hand?…that another sweet friend had given me. This was either going to turn out beautifully, or turn into a beautiful disaster. 

So I started cutting, realizing that my poor pins were in serious need of replacement after years of use. I sewed the first two seams…straight seams, easy enough, and I got a 3-dimensional tube of fabric! (Okay, I am not THAT unsure of my sewing skills.) Then I got to bind my first arm hole! It’s kinda like binding a tiny round quilt. 

Obviously I am pretty proud of this since I took a picture. 

So I learned that reading a pattern 100 times is necessary. Some of the verbiage made me have to stop and think things through. I learned that ruffles and I aren’t friends as of yet. I learned that pleating is just as acceptable in place of ruffles (garment makers/designers, please note that I know they function and serve different purposes, I am just more capable of doing one than the other).

After just a few hours work over a couple of evenings, I had a dress that fit all requirements for human apparel! 

This is awesome and amazing to me! There are imperfections, but none of them too glaringly obvious. I sent it off to my bff who lives in California yesterday, so I may update this post with pictures of her little girl in it when it arrives, but now I am looking forward to making a few more of these for other friend’s kiddos, as well as looking forward to starting to make my own clothes! 

The next garment that I will make is going to be the Wilksten Tank for me! I have been drooling over this tank for a while, so I might as well just make it already! 

Quilting will always be my first love, and I will have more quilts to share with you in the near future, but you will be seeing posts about garments all the same, whether they are outrageous successes or brilliant failures. 

God bless you friend


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