Inspiration – A Fickle Thing

Okay, so I’ve been quiet this month.  I wish I could go into all the details as to why, but unfortunately, for the time being anyway, I cannot.

I HAVE been creating, though!  I’m working on a quilt for my church’s women’s retreat that is coming up next weekend, and BOY am I looking forward to it!!  I have a few very close friends, and two incredible best friends that love me.  One is in California and we have known each other for…get this…TWENTY YEARS this year!  I can’t even begin to believe she’s that old.  🙂

My other best friend is here in Texas.  We have been doing life together for almost 8 years now!  She and her husband also happen to be my son’s godparents.  Well, the BFF here in Texas is keeping my kiddo next weekend and another friend’s husband is keeping the dog, so it’s going to work out that I have 2.5 days of kid-free, dog-free time!  Oh this makes me incredibly happy!!  I love both of them very much (the kid and the dog), but sometimes a mom just needs space to not be mom.

So in my creating lately, I have made a quilt – which I will not be showing in it’s entirety until after next weekend.  It’s no secret what it says, it’s the “Be Brave” quilt.  The design is the biggest secret.  I also will not be posting complete pictures of it in finished form until next weekend.  Gotta keep some kind of mystery about it, right?  I’m very excited about it, and you have NO idea how much it makes me happy to be able to stretch my skills for this project.

So other than that, I have started making (and selling) keychain earbud holders!  I actually have mine on my wristlet because I have enough junk on my keychain, but I also added one to my gym bag so that I could make sure I always had some earbuds!  Nothing cute about having to use public use earbuds (I’m glad my gym provides them for times I do forget them).

I’ll get back to posting regularly, I promise.  I love this form of creative outlet, and I have been thinking about you.  Just haven’t had it in me to really write, because I can’t really write what I want to.  Suffice it to say, that God has a funny way of turning your comfortable into uncomfortable, and I’m trying to find my balance again.  As long as I have beautiful fabric, an awesome machine, and a kid that loves me beyond reason, life is good, and so is He. 🙂

Happy crafting friends. ❤


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