A Lovely Year Of Finishes – February Goal = DONE!!!

I feel a little like I cheated for February, but I know I didn’t.  My goal was to complete a quilt that was due February 20th (commission piece that was going into a raffle for a fundraiser), and I got it done!  Literally, like, on February 18th.  Whatever.  It got done and it has been coo’d over and loved on since. 🙂

Being part of A Lovely Year Of Finishes has increased my awareness of how much I accomplish, and it keeps me going!

So this was where I was at the beginning of February with this quilt:

And here it is all finished!

I love the way it turned out!  I pushed myself a bit on this because I went for a more 3D look to the “puzzle piece”.  That was a bit of a challenge, but it was awesome to have to think that through!  Unfortunately I didn’t have the opportunity to wash it before giving it over, but from what I’m told, the person that won the quilt was over the moon!

That totally makes my heart happy. ❤

Wanna know what else makes my heart happy?  These four:

My nieces had a roller derby bout on Saturday and I couldn’t not go!  It was their season opener – and they totally kicked ass!  Their team is Rolling Rebellion, so to say that they did well is an understatement!  And their dad is a ref (zebra), and they are my son’s favorite derby people. 🙂

Oooh!  Speaking of, I’m going to be putting together a quilt for them to raffle or auction off.  They are going to be traveling for some bouts and are raising money to go!  I love that I get to do fun things like this for a good cause that supports those I love!

Happy Crafting Friends!


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