A Lovely Year of Finishes – January Wrap Up – February Goal!

Isn’t it funny how life just seems to beat you down if you let it?  I’ve kind of let it this week.  Lots going on in my personal life, but I have been steadily making progress with my sewing.

My January goal for A Lovely Year of Finishes (which, by the way, I have successfully managed to add the button on my sidebar!), was to get the top of the t-shirt quilt for Michelle together…and I was successful!!!  Holy cow!  I actually got the top done when Hannah (The Craft Laboratory) and I had our sewing day last month, which, the layout is typically the most challenging and fun aspect (balance color, balance shapes, where do things fit in?, what to fill it with? HOW do I make THAT work?? lol).

I was very thankful for a long-arm quilter to have been visiting the quilt shop when I was laying it out.  He was a doll (yes, HE!) and lent his vision and assistance.  Truly a gem!  I even managed to get it on my machine and start quilting it before the end of January!  Now that’s progress!

Here it is about 1/3 of the way finished with the quilting.  I have made progress on it since – doing a little bit every night after whatever it is we are up to (Tuesday night is Bible study for my son, Wednesday night is choir, and Thursday night is small group).  I am VERY hopeful that I will get the rest finished this evening, bound and washed tomorrow so I can deliver it to it’s new home!  I will say that I hadn’t planned on quilting it as dense as it has ended up, however with her having 2 boys and (a super incredibly adorable baby) girl, it’s going to get loved on, so it felt right to go dense.

So that’s January!  Now onto February!

February goal is to have a quilt that is destined for a silent auction for a silent auction fund raiser for Narcotics Anonymous.  I am incredibly blessed to have been asked to make this, and it is, very truly, helping me gain more knowledge of other techniques that, frankly, I’ve been TERRIFIED to even try.  Turns out, I’m not half bad at paper piecing!  Who knew??

I have the letters done, but I need the whole quilt done by February 20th, so this is my goal this month!

Thanks y’all for stopping by!  Happy Crafting!


2 thoughts on “A Lovely Year of Finishes – January Wrap Up – February Goal!

  1. Breathe. Tell yourself, there is enough time. I have enough time. time is on my side. I can completely relate to the busy life of being a working mother with activities that are important. I admire you, and encourage you on your ability to make time for yourself. Quilting is not a splurge. Being creative is a gift from our creator, and it is our gift back to the universe to make time to create.

    Your T shirt quilt has a nice balance of colors and eye catchers. Good Work. Your scroll quilting is just right for the message on the T shirts. The quilting will go quickly now that you have started. And, the fund raiser quilt… wall hanging size? remember that anything you give them will be loved an appreciated. A snuggle size quilt for a couch would be very attractive to anyone. Good Luck, and can’t wait to see the finish.

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