Quilting and Sewing Goals for 2015

The incredibly sweet and sassy Angie over at Gnome Angel has prompted some of us quilty bloggers with different questions to blog about, and while I may be a bit late in posting, this one struck my fancy today.

What ARE my goals for 2015?

First I want to start stretching myself and my skills.  People comment that they love what I make/create, and I look at it like – eh.  It’s what I do.  It’s easy.  I am finding that as I join mini quilt swaps (I’m in…three?…I think?), I am more comfortable with trying new ideas/skills out.  For instance, if you go check out my Instagram (in particular, this picture), you will see a pieced block with hexies in between.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I have made hexies for a while.  It’s the actual USE of said hexies that is the big deal!  Very excited about that, but I’ll be blogging more on that next month!!

Second goal – to make more donation quilts.  Last year I didn’t do many, and it weighed on my heart.  I went through some depression where I didn’t even want to look at my sewing machine, so there was lost time there.  I definitely needed that time to work things out in other areas, though, so I count it as gain.  This year there is a new community opening up for women and children in bad situations that need to be out of whatever it is that is not good.  I am already working on kids quilts!  I have one top done, just need to quilt and bind and I’ll be good to go!

Third goal – to finish off my WIP’s (works in progress).  I have a few that are hanging out for a couple of sweet friends that have no clue they even exist – and one that does know hers exists and yet is still patient with me 🙂 .

Fourth goal – HANDMADE CHRISTMAS – like, for reals.  Starting way early and stashing things away and having nothing but custom orders for October/November/December with out having to worry about pushing my stuff off.  I have done that for the last three years, and I think it’s high time I change that.  I LOVE that people want me to make them or their loved ones items for Christmas – even if it is a last minute request.  It’s really about preparation, so this year, that is my goal!  (Maybe those WIP’s will be Christmas gifts for REAL this year!)

So this is my goal list for this year.  There are probably other littler ones along the way, but so that you aren’t reading a blog post that rivals War and Peace, I’ll leave it here. 🙂

Happy Crafting!


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