Of Lists and Losses

I’ve been needing to be a bit low key on the blog lately.  My lists are rather easy, and borderline not even existent.  After the mad rush of the last couple of months, having down time is not a bad thing.  It keeps me from burning out, and it allows me creative space to really explore other things in my craft – new patterns, designs, color theories, etc…

I can say that of the two things I had on my list last week, one of them is actually done!  Well, mostly done.  The tshirt quilt that I have had on my list?  Well, I had broken down all the shirts and interfaced them all and then cut them into squares over the last few weeks, but had been at a standstill because my apartment is not very big, and laying things out on the floor here just doesn’t make sense.  I like having a lot of light to make sure colors are evenly distributed, and I am not rich in windows at the second.

So this last weekend Hannah over at The Craft Laboratory and I rented out a retreat room at our local quilt shop.  We each had a list of what we wanted to accomplish – hers was getting the #IGToteSwap tote done for her partner – which, I am happy to report, she did an amazing job at! – and mine….well, as per usual, my list was long.  Two of those things on that list was to get my #IGToteSwap tote completed (done!!!) and to get the tshirt quilt top at least laid out and a picture taken.

Well, not only did I manage to get the tote done (rather early in the day, to boot!), but I also managed to lay out the tshirt quilt top, have a long arm quilter who was visiting the shop help me move things around a bit, and get it sewn together properly!! (Picture can be found here)

The person that this belongs to also gave her input on the border (bright pink!!  SO excited!  That is definitely going to pop in this top!), so this will (fingers crossed) be done by month’s end!  Very exciting indeed!!

As the title states, there is a couple of losses in my life as well.  One more trivial than the other.  On Friday night, my son and I went and celebrated my youngest niece’s 13th birthday (seriously, where did the time go???), and while doing so, I lost my iPod.  I was terribly upset because the business in which I lost it at was very unorganized, completely unprofessional, and I don’t feel like I would get it back even if they did happen to find it.  That made me sad, but on the way home, as we were stopped at a light, a homeless man approached our car.

I know, I know, everyone has an opinion on this, but, really, can you out-give God?  Yeah, I don’t think so.  I gave him the change I had in my car tray – a few dollars.  As bad as it is for me to lose my iPod (something that I used to help me conduct business, something to listen to while I’m working out, and irreplaceable pictures), things could be worse, and I realized it at that time.  Still kind of bummed, but I’m blessed beyond measure still, so onward we go.

This morning, while I was at work, I received a call from my parents.  This is highly unusual, so of course I answered the phone.  My last remaining grandmother, my dad’s mom, passed away.  We weren’t very close, and it had been a few years since we had seen her, but this is the woman who first introduced me to quilting and to God.  She didn’t directly teach me how to quilt, but I would watch her piece for hours, sometimes falling asleep on the couch listening to the buzz of her machine.  This was also the woman that took her grand kids to church every Sunday if they were around and their parents willing.

I have the distinct honor of receiving a quilt from her, with a hand-written tag dedicating it to me.  It was extra hard tonight to pull that quilt out and just hold it.  Until I started quilting, I never knew the amount of heart and soul that went into that quilt.  The hours and precision. The binding is even hand sewn, so you know that is nothing but love right there.  She spent a lot of time with that quilt, and now it is on my bed, wrapping me in her memory.

There are so many things I wish I could have asked her, as there usually are when someone passes, but I know she will be quilting away in heaven, fully restored, where sickness and dementia have no place or power.

Sending each of you an extra big hug and lots of quilty love. ❤


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