Weekly Check In!

Hey all!  So I didn’t get as much done last week as I wanted.  I still got stuff done, but in true Brandy form, I decided to work on other things that aren’t on my list of to do.  Because it’s me.

So here’s my goals from last week:

I want to take the tshirt quilt to my church and start arranging the layout.  Maybe even start sewing!

Do something for that other person (gift…so, can’t really say what that thing or who that person is…)

Yup.  None of that done, so I’m going to roll those over to this week.  I have about an hour on Tuesday night when my son is at his Bible study where I have nothing solidly planned, so I’ll use that time to get the t-shirt quilt laid out, pictures taken, notes and all that jazz.

Next month I am going to be part of a blog hop!  This is my first, so please be gentle!  Angie from GnomeAngel announced it in her newsletter over the weekend.  What’s it all about?  Hazel Hedgehog!  Seriously, if you haven’t seen the wicked awesome talented people on Instagram posting their Hazel’s, please go over and check out the hashtag #hazelhedgehog.  I made 4, each of her quills are different colors of the rainbow!!!  There are a few people that are hoping to be my person for the #rainbowminiaswap right about now. 🙂  Oh the fun!

So that’s enough rambling from me.  Come check me out on Instagram if you haven’t already.  I post a bit too much about sewing, my kid and my dog.

What are your goals this week, personal or otherwise?

Happy Crafting!


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