Running Late! Goals for the week!

So I’m late posting this.  Not that I have a real reason for being late.  Or maybe I do?  I’ll just go with I do. 🙂

I was on vacation from my day job from December 20th until January 4th.  I was technically supposed to be off until the 6th, but I went back to work for a few hours on the 5th just to make sure things were under control.  I must say that I am extra thankful for my co-workers who have stepped up and helped me while I was out!  I haven’t ever really had that team in place – there was never really a need, but with the company that I work for growing, well, it was definitely time, and my co-workers and bosses have been amazing and patient and awesome.  (This means I won’t wait a year until I go on vacation this year!!!)

I got a lot of rest during vacation. Stayed up too late, drank wine every night, sewed for HOURS every day, took NAPS!  I could totally do life like that if finances weren’t an issue!  But, they are, so onward I go with sewing at night and on the weekends when time permits.

January 6th, my son turned 9!!!  Oh where did the time go?!?  It has been an incredible blessing to be able to watch him grow.  If you head over to my Instagram, you will see a picture of us, as well as a short clip of him thanking everyone for the birthday wishes.  He was very excited about all the birthday wishes he got!  And I still can’t believe that this is his last single digit year of life!  Talk about insane.

January 7th (which is the day I’m posing this) – is my youngest niece’s birthday!  It’s even more unbelievable that she is 13!!!!!  And she’s freakin awesome sauce!  Black belt in taekwon do, roller derby girl….like, seriously, she could kick MY butt!  I’m glad she loves me enough not to. 🙂 ❤

Let me get on with this:

Goals For This Week

I want to take the tshirt quilt to my church and start arranging the layout.  Maybe even start sewing!

Do something for that other person (gift…so, can’t really say what that thing or who that person is…)

So that’s it. Short list this week, which is nice.  I’m still sewing every day at least a little bit, even if it is just 10 minutes a day.  I am going to start sewing small things to put back for a craft fair I’m considering doing in November.  If I don’t end up doing the craft fair, well, I’ll call that Christmas!

That leads me to ask – When do YOU start sewing/crafting for Christmas?  My goal every year is to start early, and I am not always the most accomplished at hitting that goal.

Happy Crafting!


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