Happy New Year!!!

Hi there!

So it is so weird to me to see that I started blogging consistently just three months ago, and I find that I am regularly thinking about what I can add, change, improve, etc… already.  I know this is a journey, and that each journey beings with 1 step, but I am totally thinking 10000 steps ahead.  Seriously!

Have you started on your New Year’s Resolutions yet?  Or are you thinking, “Isn’t today to eat bad food and be lazy and get over the hangover?!?”  Well, I don’t have a hang over (one glass of wine doesn’t a hangover make), but I still think, “Give yourself a break!  It’s the FIRST day of the year!  Ease into it, chickadee!”

Well, I haven’t eased into it.  This morning at the stroke of 12:15 am, I decided I wanted to make a sew together bag (STB).  You may find the pattern here, and there is an awesome tutorial by Quilt Barn.  I will totally admit that I am a bit on the crazy side, but I have made 3 of these in the previous 3 days for various gifts that are belated Christmas gifts that I am calling New Year’s Gifts.  🙂  I wanted to see just how long it would take for me to make a STB if I had limited interruption (read: kid isn’t hungry, dog doesn’t need to go out, and ignore the washing that needs to be done).

Other than a call to a friend in California who had the unfortunate requirement of work, I was able to get this bag done in 3.5 hours!!!  This put me going to bed at 4:15 a.m., but my son gets up and reads and is patient with me on the rare occasion I sleep in.

SewTogetherBag by SewDemented on Craftsy

SewTogetherBag by SewDemented on Craftsy

So the other really big thing that I do every year for the last few years is picking a word for the year.  Last year was “ABIDE”.  Let me tell you how much of a failure I felt like with that one.  Last year was also one of the hardest years I have faced overall.  It was worth it, though.  Lots of lessons learned. 🙂

This year is HOPE.  I will say that I was getting nervous yesterday because I didn’t have my word just yet and I was thinking, maybe tabula rasa (blank slate) was going to be my word.  That’s almost equally as scary as abide.  But after some prayer time, HOPE came to me, and I started bawling my eyes out.  Totally my word.  So as I was contemplating 2014 last night with a GLASS of wine (not three bottles! This just happens to be my favorite wine), I sat in front of a fire and prayed and thought and journaled.  It was a very good end to an otherwise not good year.

2015 Word of the Year - HOPE

The last thing:  I’m throwing my hat into the ring for the A Year Of Lovely Finishes!  I think this is an excellent way for me to keep myself accountable in what I accomplish every month, and there are some pretty awesome people linking up as well!

My January goal is to get the commission tshirt quilt TOP completely together and ready to quilt!  Ultimately I would like to have it completely done, but with working full time during the day, well, I have to set goals that will stretch me, not break me. 🙂

So here is my start!

AYOLF - January - Beginning

What are your goals for the year?

Happy Crafting!


One thought on “Happy New Year!!!

  1. Happy New Year! I recently found your blog and I really like it. I hope to see more and more of your projects for this year. I totally agree with you on the idea of resting and taking it easy on the first day of new year. I did that too. And now I’m starting to write them down, but I do have one specific goal. Finish my WIPs. I have one WIP waiting to be quilted for a year 😀

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