Merry Christmas!!

Hello my friends!  I know today isn’t Christmas, but this is the last blog I will post before then.

I am on vacation from my day job for the next couple of weeks, so it feels weird that I am posting this on a Monday, in my PJ’s, at home, with my kid saying “bless you” every time I sneeze (three times so far), and watching Dr. Who reruns on Netflix.  Seriously, a girl could get use to this.

Later I will be sewing – just as soon as the postman delivers my boxes from Carrie over at GotchaCoveredQuilting, which has my Aurifil thread in it.

So onto a quick update on what I accomplished last week.  Seriously, I never get everything that I want to get done, done, but at least I give it the old college try, right?

Last Week’s Goals

1. Finish off those two things for those two people by Friday

I can FINALLY post about what these two things are!  Hannah over at The Craft Laboratory and I work for the same company – UMoveFree Apartment Locators – during the day.  Well, we have these two amazing bosses that work their tails off to provide an incredible work space, and tolerate our little quirks along the way.  Well, we teamed up and decided to make them each a quilt!   They received them on Friday.

Mark's Quilt

Mark’s Quilt

Nick's Quilt

Nick’s Quilt

Seriously, I really have to get better at taking good pictures of quilts in 2015.

2. Make Gideon’s quilt (this is my son and he doesn’t currently read my blog, so I’m safe to list this one) – After looking over a few things as far as what he is getting for Christmas, I have decided to push this off until his birthday on January 6th.  I’m going to make it a dinner and movie kind of birthday.  Take him to dinner with friends, then to a movie.  It’s not fancy, but I know he will love it all the same.

3. Make that other thing for that other person. – I am actually almost done with this!!  Can’t wait to reveal what all I have been working on.

4. Make 2 sew-together bags for two people – This did not happen, but the person that I’m making them for is in no hurry, so we are safe to say that this will be done in the New Year.
I am going to be taking a sewing break.  Well, more accurately, I’ll be taking a break from deadline work.  The only thing that I hope to accomplish is finishing off that one person’s thing. 🙂  Other than that, I am going to start working on free form quilting for donation quilts.  Last night I actually already got one done!  These donation quilts will be going to The Gatehouse – which is a community that is being built to house women and children coming out of crisis situations.  This is a cause that is close to my heart, but that’s another blog post for another day.

12.22.14 200

I will end this post here and wish you and your family an incredibly beautiful Christmas/holiday season.  Thank you for coming on this wild ride with me and leaving sweet comments both here and on my IG feed.

Next week I will be posting about the New Year and my goals and hopes for this blog and maybe even a few for my non-sewing life (as if there really is any life without my machine).

Hugs and cookies from my crazy bunch to yours.



One thought on “Merry Christmas!!

  1. Good for you for getting things done and wiping them off your list. It always feels good. rhythm for the new year is such an awesome goal! I think with rhythm everything else will fall into place more naturally.

    Now go sew cuz you have enough thread to last you a bit ;).


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