Weekly Update…

…of sorts.

So last week I didn’t post any specific goals, and, well, I can’t really post any specific finishes, but I will say that this last week was so crazy busy with activities that I didn’t get nearly as much done as I would have liked.

On Friday, after a RATHER rough go at another week, where nothing worked out like I really wanted it to, I came home to a very sweet swap package!  It was for the #jollyswap over on Instagram.  Here’s the thing.  I totally and COMPLETELY messed up.  Like. Totally.  Because I totally and completely forgot that I had signed up for it, which means I didn’t make my partner ANYTHING!!  Oh. My word.  I nearly started crying.  But then I sprang into action and created my first envelope pillow cover and got a few other goodies together, emailed the moderator (apologizing my ass off), and am going to send it today after work.

But between all the activities and hustle and bustle, I still have a LOT to accomplish this week in sewing.  I may just put a list down here because, for some reason, this works for me.  It’s like I’m Santa or something.  Making a list….checking it twice…. (Yup, you are welcome for that Christmas carol being stuck in your head for the rest of the day!)

1. Finish off those two things for those two people by Friday

2. Make Gideon’s quilt (this is my son and he doesn’t currently read my blog, so I’m safe to list this one)

3. Make that other thing for that other person.

4. Make 2 sew-together bags for two people

I think I’ll keep it there for now.  That’s a good list to accomplish for this week – by Friday.

OH!!!  So, you know how I finished off the tshirt quilt after 2 months of constantly saying I’d finish it off?  Well, I JUST picked up some shirts from a friend of hers for another quilt!!  I can’t even tell you how happy it makes me to be part of someone’s story, even in the smallest of ways!  I’ll be taking pictures of the process and posting a blog or two about it along the way.  Maybe do a 4 part series…we’ll see. 🙂

Last thing – promise!  This weekend I picked up a dining room table from a very sweet friend!  We haven’t had a dining room table in years, and the last one we had, we didn’t have chairs to, so the fact that we now have a full on table and FOUR chairs?  Well, I feel very blessed indeed.  I do realize how dumb this sounds, but it’s my dumb and I’m still excited about it. 🙂    And you totally know there are going to be some wicked awesome table runners and place mats in the future!!!  Maybe I will learn to decorate after all.

Until next time, readers – Happy Crafting. ❤


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