Guest Bloggers and Changes for the New Year!

It’s totally THAT time of year again!  Yup!  New Year’s Resolution time!   (Please don’t throw rotten eggs at me)

I have never been a huge proponent of making resolutions because they typically fail.  I have high expectations of myself and have lived in constant disappointment because I set the bar to unobtainable heights.  Well, that all ended in 2014.  I made a goal to lose weight, and I did.  I lost (and kept off) 30 lbs!  Is that what I wanted to lose?  No, but it is much better than gaining and at least I’m on the right path.  I also made a goal to run/walk/drag myself through at least two 5k’s.  I ended up doing FOUR!  So of course now I have a huge boost on what I can actually accomplish.

A couple of months ago I had a friend describe her life in rhythms.  Oh how blissful that sounds, right??  I want my life to have rhythm!!! I love dancing – in my own house with all the blinds shut (trust me on why this is necessary).  I love watching people dance.  I love music and the way I connect with it emotionally and the way it makes me want to move. After thinking through this for a month or so, I realized that I want MY LIFE to have rhythm and movement!  Being a single mom, I constantly feel like I am in a reactionary mode instead of a rhythmic mode, and I’m tired.  And I’m tired of being tired, so I need to do something about that.

My goal for 2015 is to get into a rhythm.  I started it this year with this blog and posting weekly updates on what I’m up to with my sewing and creative ventures, and I have decided to expand that to other areas of my life.  At church, there is a rhythm to the year.  Lent, Advent, Pentecost (yes, I know those are not in order).  I have fallen in love with that rhythm.  It has given my faith walk a rhythm (though I didn’t really connect that until a couple of months ago) and it makes sense.

So, with all that said, I am creating a new rhythm here on my blog.  I’m going to keep the same weekly updates/goal setting, because I like that and it keeps me going, but I am going to expand to guest bloggers!

Whether you these guest bloggers are in the business of sewing or crafting or running or writing…we all have a creative rhythm in our lives, and I think it would be interesting to highlight people that I admire and just downright adore and learn from them, and give others the opportunity to discover them and learn from them as well.

And now I’m interested:  Are there any questions you would ask these mysterious guest bloggers?  I’ve decided on a Q&A style of blog, unless the guest blogger would like to write content for themselves, but if there were questions you would like to ask people about their creative rhythms, I would love to add them to the list for them to answer!

What are your goals for the New Year?  Would love to hear that as well so we can cheer each other on!

Happy Crafting!


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