Quick Check In

HI there!

So this will be quick – and mainly for me to keep myself in check throughout the week – but doing a quick check in from my goals set earlier this week:

New Sewing Goals!

~Continue Andrea’s quilt – Got the top done!  Just need to border, and, you know, the rest of the quilting process. 🙂
~Finish binding the placemats for Women’s Christmas Dinner – Haven’t touched this
~Quilt the quilt for Women’s Christmas Dinner – Haven’t touched this
~Work on a project for a friend – quiet book – Haven’t touched this

I’m really just focusing on Andrea’s quilt.  Now that the weather is cold, I know she will appreciate getting this sooner rather than later.  I’m seriously digging this process!  Can’t wait for the big reveal!

New Non-Sewing Goals!

~Get at least 8,000 steps per day (nope, not giving up on this one!) – Not giving up on this one, but also not obtaining it either. I have been getting at or above 6,000 consistently, but with the sewing and such, well, there’s only so much time in the day for this girl.
~Continue to clean/organize to get ready for Christmas decorating – During the week, this is almost impossible.  Unless my son is sick and I can’t go anywhere, we got too much going on for me to clean or organize anything for any length of time.  Weekend cleaning warrior!
~Locate and procure a fireplace bucket and shovel to clean out fireplace. – Still to do
~Clean out fireplace – Still to do
~Yoga/Pilates 4x this week –  I have actually managed to do yoga once and PiYo once so far this week!  Things are looking good here!
~Women’s Christmas Dinner setup work – Still to do
~Meal Prep (not looking good….just sayin’) – LOL!  Yeah, not looking good at all.  🙂

How is YOUR week going?

Happy Creating!


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