Goal Update! and Goal Post – 2

So, it’s been an emotional week in my world.  Lots of things going on that are a bit more private than I care to post about publicly, but I can say that God is definitely using those circumstances to stretch and grow me. 🙂  But through all that, I have had an incredible group of ladies checking in and encouraging me to continue to move forward with my goals.

I figured I would also post this coming week’s goals as well at the bottom!  Saves a post and all.

Okay, so here’s my weekly wrap-up from my list of goals from LAST Sunday!

Sewing Goals

~Lay out and sew Andrea’s quilt top – Laid it out!  3/4 of the squares are joined together in various pairs/strings of panels!

Obviously I needed a quilt helper.

Obviously I needed a quilt helper.

~Women’s Christmas Dinner place mats (10) – Updated to only needing 8!  Which is good, because I kind of screwed up on 2 of the ones I made, and only have 9, so this worked out beautifully.  Anyway, I got them all quilted and trimmed.  Just needing to bind them!

The snowmen are the back of the placemats! Aren't they adorable?!

The snowmen are the back of the placemats! Aren’t they adorable?!

~Women’s Christmas Dinner quilt – Pushed back to next week.  Less than a month to go, so gotta get crackin’ on this!

11.9.14 129
~Organize Fabric –This may not happen until…February.  I have ambitious goals, but I have to assess what I am realistically able to accomplish.  Right now, we are 45 days away from Christmas, and there are a few things that are more important than a pretty stash. 

*~* ADDED!*~*

~ Two boxy pouches for someone who got married yesterday (no pictures available – I seriously finished them and ran out the door to deliver)

Non-Sewing Goals

~Clean house and purge more “stuff” – Well, I got rid of 3 bags of stuff – YAY!  And I cleaned up my kitchen a little and did some laundry, so I’m calling this a win for the week.

~Women’s Christmas Dinner table setup work – Yeah….no….

~Meal Prep – Nope…didn’t get to this either…unless you consider making hard boiled eggs meal prep, and, well, I could have done better.

~At least 8,000 steps per day (would help if I charged my FitBit…) – Yup – would have helped if I had charged my FitBit.  I didn’t charge it until Wednesday and I didn’t record at or over 8,000 steps on any given day that it was charged.  Will definitely have to do better next week.

~Yoga x 4 – Okay, so I managed a couple of quick sessions (10 minutes each).  Not nearly the length I prefer, but after the charlie horse I walked/ran through on the I Am Second 5k, I’ll call it a win that I can touch my toes without pain.

New Sewing Goals!

~Continue Andrea’s quilt
~Finish binding the placemats for Women’s Christmas Dinner
~Quilt the quilt for Women’s Christmas Dinner
~Work on a project for a friend – quiet book

New Non-Sewing Goals!

~Get at least 8,000 steps per day (nope, not giving up on this one!)
~Continue to clean/organize to get ready for Christmas decorating
~Locate and procure a fireplace bucket and shovel to clean out fireplace.
~Clean out fireplace
~Yoga/Pilates 4x this week
~Women’s Christmas Dinner setup work
~Meal Prep (not looking good….just sayin’)

So, lofty goals again, but I think I’m up for it.  What are YOUR goals, sewing, crafty or otherwise, for this week?

Happy Creating!


2 thoughts on “Goal Update! and Goal Post – 2

  1. Great list! I’m working up to the 8,000 steps a day trying to get 5,000 this week (it’s not going too well). I’m like a great big blob of a sloth these days – too much time at the computer. Can’t wait to see you plow through your goals. Have a great week!


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