Goal Post – 1

Okay, so after thinking things through, and much thanks to the lovely Angie over at www.gnomeangel.com, I have started setting goals again.  This may mean that I will do a quick post at the beginning of the week (Sunday or Monday) with my goals, and another at the end of the week (Saturday or Sunday) with some pictures from my week that pertain to the goals I set.

I haven’t set goals in a while, but when I do, I feel like I accomplish stuff and things, soooo….I think I’m going to get back into that.  So with that, here’s my first Goal Post!  (This is a vague attempt at sounding like I know something about sports and goal posts as they pertain therein.  I really don’t.)

Sewing Goals

~Lay out and sew Andrea’s quilt top
~Women’s Christmas Dinner place mats (10)
~Women’s Christmas Dinner quilt
~Organize Fabric

Non-Sewing Goals

~Clean house and purge more “stuff”
~Women’s Christmas Dinner table setup work
~Meal Prep
~At least 8,000 steps per day (would help if I charged my FitBit…)
~Yoga x 4

My big thing this weekend was the I Am Second 5k that I participated in on November 1st.  It was awesome with the exception of the charlie horse that I got the night before and the knee pain I have been fighting for a week.  I’m rather sore currently and am looking forward to the yoga bits.  I’m typically a very flexible person, but right now touching my toes is like reaching for Egypt.  I definitely admire my sweet friend Jennifer over at Running For My Life for her daily running habit!

So what are you looking forward to this week??

Happy Creating!


3 thoughts on “Goal Post – 1

  1. This is GREAT!! I find it is always so helpful to write out your goals/lists, and especially when you put them online. The accountability helps me! I do a link-up post every Tuesday called “To-Do Tuesday” and I have a couple of people that link up their To-Do/Weekly Goals type of posts. I think we’ve all said at one time or another that doing that helps keep us on track! So this is fantastic!! Good job!


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